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Dust Mite Control Information

House Dust Mite can be found in every home and are known to be responsible for some allergic reactions. Dust Mite control is difficult because they can be in all areas but most people try to keep the bedrooms clear of mite as we sleep with them for 8 hours or more. We now offer two specific insecticidal products for dust mite control, Protector Mite and DM1. Our newest product Dust Mite Controller is reported to be very successful in reducing allergic affects, we have begun offering these from December 2006.

Control of house dust mite can be somewhat difficult and treatment is usually concentrated around beds which is where the highest concentrations would normally be found and where we spend much of our time. It is a well known fact that Dust Mite contribute towards a number of allergies, in particular asthma (85% of asthma sufferers are allergic to dust mite allergens). Control is usually achieved by cleaning with a high particle retetion vaccuum and application of an insecticidal solution. Vaccuums can be very expensive but a normal one will certainly collect most of the mite but in the process spread some around the room via the vented air.

If you are looking for a service to have your beds treated against House Dust Mite, then go to Silent Mites They provide a bed treatment service that is reasonably priced and effective.

DIY treatments can be carried out by applying any of the chemicals below, the specialised DM1 product claims long term benefits, however, this comes at some cost. Pro-Active D Trigger Spray will kill the mite at much lower cost. Perhaps invest in a specialised vaccuum cleaner for a rapid reduction in mite allergens.

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Dust Mite eradication products

Dust Mite eradication products

Products for House Dust Mite control.

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Anti Dust Mite Hypoallergenic Bedding

Anti Dust Mite Hypoallergenic Bedding

Special bedding for protection from Dust Mite.

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