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Wood Boring Insect Control Products

Pest Control Direct offer a small range of woodworm control products for amateur use. Common furniture beetle are by far the most encountered wood boring insect in the UK. Control of woodworm is generally not fully understood so we give a brief outline. Woodworm is in fact the lavae of a wood boring beetle, the beetle usually flies and in the case of Common Furniture Beetle (anobium punctatum) is evident in the sping and early summer. This adult beetle lays eggs in crevices on the unpolished surface of wood and the subsequent larvae burrows into the wood. The entry hole is miniscule and virtually invisible but as the larvae woodborer grows within the wood the tunnel becomes larger. This woodworm larvae may stay in the wood for three years before coming to just below the surface of the wood to pupate. Changing from larvae to adult woodworm the woodworm bites its exit hole and flies off to start another cycle, so when you see the holes the damage is done, but there will be others in the wood that will still be causing damage. Spraying the surface of the wood with woodworm spray deters the laying of more eggs and kills emerging beetles. With patience, injecting woodworm fluid into exit holes can improve the kill rate significantly as the woodworm killer penetrates dep into the wood killing wordworm deep inthe wood.

Amatuer Use Woodworm, Dry Rot and Rising Damp Products

Amatuer Use Woodworm, Dry Rot and Rising Damp Products

Products suitable for the amatuer user to deal effectively with Woodworm, Dry Rot and Rising Damp

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Professional use Woodworm, Woodrot and Rising Damp Products

Professional use Woodworm, Woodrot and Rising Damp Products

A range of Professional Use wood and structure preservation products

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Affordable Pest Control Supplies

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